World’s most expensive coffee.

A washed Geisha variety coffee from the Finca Sophia farm fetched $2,600.50 USD per kg at the Best of Panama green coffee auction this month. Breaking the world record that held until now.

The record from 2017 was held by another Geisha with at the time record-breaking price of $1.214 USD per kg. The Gesha was grown on Hacienda La Esmeralda and was also sold in Panama.

This year’s grand prize winner, Finca Sophia, is the farm co-owned owned by Willem Boot and Catherine Cadloni along with Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell from a California roasting and retail company.

The winning bidder for the washed process Geisha was a consortium of buyers from China.

The majority of winning buyers in the auction come from China, Japan, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia, while a few buyers from Australia and New Zealand also purchased at least one lot in four of the five competition categories.

(photo source: Beanscene.)