Why is cleaning important?


The most unliked topic when it comes to espresso machine stuff. 

Residue coffee sticking to the group head, essential oils get burnt to the filter producing unwanted bitter and burnt taste. You think you can flush them off but you can’t. There are some standards that the SCA – specialty coffee association follows: Cleaning of the group head should be done every 30-50 espressos brewed. This is where we can have the problem, you are in a hurry it’s rush hour in your cafe, can you find the time to clean each group head to perfection while you have to make 20 latte macchiatos and make 10 cappuccinos? 

We can offer you a great and simple solution.

Cafelier cleans your espresso machine in 10 seconds and just with 3 steps it’s fully automatic and it runs on electricity which is very cool these days. ATTACH- 10 SECONDS- DETACH – continue with your workflow.

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