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With the new PEKALON II brush lifetime might differ, but it will last at least 2-3 months.
Some bending of the bristles may occur with the first use but that is normal.

The battery can do around 350 cycles on one charge. LED lights will indicate when it is empty.

Of course, it’s advised that at the end of the shift you use some cleaning product to fully clean your espresso machine.

The warranty for the product is set for 1 year.

It is also possible to extend the warranty for one additional year.

Cafelier is design, engineered and hand-assembled in Slovenia.
Software and technology are all developed in-house. 

With regular usage of Cafelier, manual cleaning is eliminated.

Keeping your espresso machine clean is essential for making tasty espressos.
We highly recommend by our standards that Cafelier should be used every 30-50 espresso brewed.

The battery charging cycle is approx. 30 minutes. LED lights will indicate when it is full.

The Cafelier fits on professional and semi-professional coffee machines.
It’s a standard size and it fits for 57-58mm portafilter.