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Head barista at Kafeterija Belgrade

One sentence that describes the Cafelier: “Increased productivity, quality, and time-saving capabilities make it a must-have.

The coffee industry is constantly in expansion. Because of that, the demand for high-quality coffee, educated baristas, and reliable machines is on the rise. With that in mind, there is also a growing market for products that make our job more easier and consistent. For example, some baristas prefer hand tamping, while others prefer PuqPress. Some prefer manually steaming the milk while others use Perfect Moose. But when it comes to hygiene every barista will choose the easier route. 

Wonderful folks from Cafelier sent me their product, that of course once again confirmed my thesis about making our job easier. But it not just about making it easier. 

Imagine this – You are almost done with your shift, and it’s time to clean your espresso machine. Before you clean the group with Pulicaff or some other chemical, you should first rinse and clean your shower screens and group head. That first stage will take you around 10 minutes, depending on whether you are unscrewing or taking off the shower screens. When you are using the Cafelier the first stage only steals 10 seconds of your time. So it’s not only easier but also time-efficient. And if you ask me, if there is a product that will do the same job or better in a less amount of time I’ll take it. That also means that during the shift you only need 10 seconds to refresh and clean your group head, which of course provides a better-tasting coffee.

I’m in the industry for over 3 years. I’ve seen an enormous amount of bad hygiene that provides bad tasting coffee and malfunctions to the espresso machines. Cafelier is a product that is firmly and superbly built. Their package stands up to the standards of premium specialty coffee products and battery life will not let you down.

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