Coffee basics

Nowadays coffee is grown on plantations mostly in the Amazon woods the largest coffee producer is Brazil followed by Vietnam. It continues it’s way through harvesting and then drying process to get to the bean inside, once dry it gets exported around the world to the major coffee roasters who then sell it to coffee shops. 

Coffee is much more than just a daily routine,it’s the beverage that keep’s you healthy and fit. Some of you don’t know but 2-3 coffee cups per day keep the doctor away. It really does its job at lowering the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, even type 2 diabetes and several heart diseases. Its much more than just a regular morning or afternoon routine so it shouldn’t taste bad. 

Coffee taster’s also made a flavor wheel that contains more than 50 different tastes that coffee can produce. That’s where Cafelier’s story and our passion for coffee start, helping you clean your espresso machine throughout the day. Let’s get rid of that bitter aftertaste and enjoy only pure taste of coffee.