5 Reasons for bad tasting coffee

1. Water temperature 

Just like you, coffee likes its water at just the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold. The GOLDEN zone for coffee brewing is between 90-96 degrees Celsius. 

– Try measuring it with a thermometer to make sure it’s right. 

2. Coffee quality 

Let’s be honest you can’t expect the best from low quality coffee, there are many factors that impact coffee, from roasting to grinding the process has very many steps. Try some mid or high range quality coffee and see the difference for yourself. Maybe include the taste palette and see for yourself what do you prefer. 

– A little hint Coffee loses 60% of its aroma in the first 15 minutes after grinding. 

3. Dirty brewing equipment 

Clean equipment is essential for good tasting coffee. Regular cleaning will improve the taste of your coffee, by the SCA standards an espresso machine should be cleaned every 30-40 brews. 

– Cafelier will help you with that in just 10 seconds. 

4. Grind size 

Grinding is a crucial step for a great cup of coffee. Too fine grind and all the good and the bad tastes and aromas will fall through. 

– Try a courser grinding method for the best taste. 

5. Water quality 

The last one is important also, using filtered drinkable water is the best, so your espresso machine should filter your tap water. Some minerals like magnesium or calcium can also affect the taste of your coffee.