4 Most popular coffee brewing method

1. Aeropress 

AeroPress is a manual coffee making device. Coffee can be made in just 60 seconds when your water is hot enough. It’s easy to use and can be packed to travel. Serve yourself with rich, pure-tasting coffee with AeroPress. The only con is that you can only make 2 coffees per rotation and then you have to change the paper filter which is a bit time-consuming. 

2. Pressure method

Espresso machine Everyone knows the espresso machine technique. Most times it is used for commercial purposes and it will make you a cup in just 20-30 seconds. You can expect an espresso that is strong, sharp and full of flavor and it should not taste bitter. Try this: povezava do košarice Cafelier c1 

3. Pour-over method

The pour-over method may be new to some, you might know it under the name like Chemex or the V60. It takes 20 seconds to bloom and around 2-3 minutes to pour. The rich flavor of the coffee with no signs of bitterness if done right. Experimenting with pouring can bring out many different flavors, it’s up to you to make the one you like. 

4. Cold drip method

The cold dripping method is one of the most popular ways to go to in the last couple of years. If you have the time you can have a real treat, it takes around 12-24 hours to make, and you will need some ice. This method keeps your coffee fresh for up to two weeks. You can expect a perfect cup full of strong and sweet coffee flavors. No sign of bitterness.