Perfect cleaning


Meet CAFELIER C2, the world’s first automatic cleaning device for professional espresso machines.

Allow your team consistent cleaning during the working process by the simple press of a button.

Best in class

One cycle lasts 10 seconds.

Create first-class cleaning efficacy every hour, and let your customers enjoy a perfect cup of coffee any time during the day.

How it works?


Expect more

Keeping your espresso machine clean is essential for making tasty espressos.

Our little ‘blind’ filter enables you to clean all the oils & burnt coffee out of the shower screen, keeping your coffee flowing smoothly.

Elegant, smooth, simply beautiful with a touch of clean Slovenian design.

Cleaner is better!

Inside look

Standard size

C2 fits onto professional and
semi-professional espresso machines, being a standard size with a 57-58mm portafilter.

With this attachment, we cover more than 70% of coffee machines on the market.

  • One of few

    Water resistancy is what makes the C2 special.

    The C2 brush also has a new and improved design managing higher temperatures.

    Made from resistant material Pekalon II.

  • User friendly

    Cafelier is very easy to handle.

    Carefully selected high-end materials are designed to keep you and your espresso machine unharmed.

    It only weighs 0,6 kilos.