A real cavalier when it comes down to "Dirty Business"


Introducing Cafelier

A unique handle for cleaning the espresso machine ensures unrivaled cleaning experience - fast, safe and easy.
It replaces a century old method which often resulted in cuts and burns. Say goodbye to bitter and burnt taste and enjoy the equisitely rich aroma of your cup of coffee.

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Our mission

Our mission

Cafelier was invented with the goal of revolutionizing the entire cleaning process. No more countless hours of cleaning the espresso machine. Cafelier combined different techniques of the cleaning process and made it possible to clean the espresso machine anytime and not only at the end of the shift.

Our mission

With one touch

Simply attach Cafelier to your espresso machine, press the button and the brushes combined with the battery-powered motor will do all the work for you in a matter of seconds.

Plug it in anywhere

Our charger allows you to use it and charge it almost everywhere. The LED light will show you the battery level and charging status.

Plug it in anywhere

Our vision

We strive for the best possible coffee quality, and that starts and ends with a clean espresso machine. To make the best coffee, keep your machine in the best condition – at any given moment.

Life is too short for bad coffee,
so make the best cup with Cafelier.
Because your customers deserve only the best!